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As technology becomes more advanced, we become more reliant on it. The products manufactured from Indo Shell Cast are technologically advanced with exceptional quality. Our range of products provides complete peace of mind at a remarkably affordable cost.

Customised Product Range

With the most advanced dual zee track medium induction furnace, Indo shell cast is making a head way in the manufacture of S.G.Iron (Ductile Iron) and hydraulic grey iron castings made in shell moulds. It has also specialized in developing Special Grades of S.G.Iron with assured impact property at subzero temperature, (DIN 1693, Grade GGG 40.3) and for pressure valve applications, ASTM - 395, Grade - 60 - 40 - 18. A.D.I., High silicon Moly S.G.Iron, C.G.Iron and Malleable Iron are the other special metals perfected by Indo Shell Cast.


With a weight range of casting from 50 Gms to 15 Kg's, our current annual production is around 7700 tons of Grey Iron and S.G.Iron Castings. Molten metal production is around 19500 tons per annum
The overall size range of the product is 250 x 250 x 150 mm. Since we are having machining capacity (CNC Laths and vertical milling center), we are supplying parts fully machined and ready for use in assembled conditions.

We are familiar with the following Quality Standards and we are tirelessly updating ourselves with the latest Quality requirements.

Our understanding and application of Quality Standards include:


S.G. Iron (Ductile Iron) Castings - Shell Moulded
  Two Wheeler
ISC 001
ISC 002
ISC 003
  Three Wheeler
ISC 004
ISC 005
  Four Wheeler
ISC 006
ISC 007
ISC 008
ISC 009
ISC 009
ISC 010
ISC 011
ISC 012
ISC 013
ISC 014
ISC 015
ISC 016
ISC 017


ISC 018
ISC 019
ISC 020
ISC 021
ISC 022
ISC 023
ISC 024
ISC 025
ISC 026
ISC 027
ISC 028
ISC 029
  Earth Movers
ISC 030
ISC 031
ISC 032
ISC 033
  Other Appliances
ISC 034
ISC 035
ISC 036
ISC 037
ISC 038

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