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With the company increasingly focusing on delivering quality products, the performance has been quite significant. We have so far received ‘0’ parts for warranty claim from the field. The PPM level of rejection from the customer has been very encouraging. This has enabled us to accelerate our progress and with customers’ continual support we are sure to grow. Some of our performances have been indicated below.

It should be our objective to fulfil our obligations to society by being good citizens and by protecting the sanctity of life. Indo Shell is involved in several voluntary professional services to assist the government, private sector, non-profit organizations and individuals. They are as follow: -

Non-conventional energy generation is an important step forward to meet the future energy demand. To protect Environmental pollution, we have planned to install wind power and we already installed one plant.


Other Social Welfare activities:

Periodic Health and Eye camps
Providing support and facilities to educational institutions imparting free education
Assisting Temple welfare activities
  Supporting needy people on Education
Adopting Public parks, Traffic parks and Tree plantation

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