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lndoshell Cast believes in constantly upgrading skills of its employees, driving perfection at work. There are many programs for employees to develop both curricular and non-curricular activities.

We believe that employees are the core asset.
We constantly identify individuals / teams with exceptional performance get them to share ideas with the rest. The company ensures through frequent meetings a fair exchange of ideas of development in each of the fields.

Employees are constant updated on technology, market, and the latest developments in the field. All these make the employees get involved in work thereby giving better productivity. Dedication of the Indo Shell Cast team and its unity create a synergic work environment. Indo Shell Cast is running various schemes and adopting various beneficial measures to motivate its workforce. Some are given below:

In addition to the statuary welfare measures like, ESI, Provident fund etc, we are doing the following measures:

1. Meeting the first month educational expenses of the children of employees every year and liberal assistance for higher education.
2. Meeting the specialized medical treatment for deserving employees.
3. Free medical insurance scheme for the employees who are not covered under ESI
4. Helping the employees to overcome any emergency personal problem.
5. Blood test and grouping for all employees.
Eye test for all employees and provision of corrective treatment and spectacles.
7. Arrangement of blood donation for employees and their relatives in case of any emergency.
8. Arranging for soft loans through co-operative bank to the employees.
9. Provision of uniforms, shoes etc.

The employees of Indo Shell Cast undergo vigorous training through programs conducted within the Campus. Various steps are taken to ensure that every employee is quality conscious at every stage with latest technical know-how and technological advancements. Special emphasis is on personality development and building healthy co-employee relationship.

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